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Organic + Fairtrade organic cotton hoodies.
Designed in TOKYO, JAPAN.
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Organic cotton & fair trade



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Ethical Garments

We work with a wide variety of the leading ethical garment suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we can offer to best prices while continuing to fight the good fight in providing ethically sourced garments.

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We love our planet and believe in helping to save it through ethical business. ‘Organic’ and ‘Fairtrade’ have become bywords, certainly in the t-shirt printing industry, and many customers are becoming much more discerning about the garments and products that they buy. Businesses are being compelled to consider what impact their business is having on the planet - both socially and environmentally.

One industry that is under scrutiny is the cotton clothing market as it seems to have encompassed many of the areas of concern: sweatshops, child labour, pesticides and deforestation. It is not surprising therefore that many of our customers are starting to take a real interest in the ‘purity’ of our clothing lines.


Organic Cotton

We offer a range of men and women’s organic cotton hoodies, sweatshirts, pants and bags. One of the main reasons consumers are opting for organic hoodies is that the're free from allergenic, carcinogenic and toxic chemical residues, which is good for both the customer and the cotton farmers.